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Introducing “Olive and All Its Beauty,” a captivating and elegant Live Edge slab product that encapsulates the timeless allure of nature. Crafted with care and precision, this exquisite piece is fashioned from a remarkable Black Walnut slab, ensuring both unparalleled strength and striking aesthetic appeal.

The true essence of this Live Edge slab lies in the delicate integration of the live edges, which have been intentionally preserved to showcase the natural curves and contours of the wood. As a result, each individual piece exudes a unique artistic flair, lending an air of sophistication and authenticity to any space it graces.

What sets “Olive and All Its Beauty” apart from its counterparts is the introduction of black onyx epoxy. This artful addition further accentuates the dark and rich tones of the Black Walnut, infusing the product with a dramatic yet refined allure. The contrasting fusion of the natural wooden edges and the deep, mesmerizing black epoxy creates a mesmerizing visual interplay that is both captivating and beautiful.

This Live Edge slab, meticulously handcrafted, is designed to stand the test of time both in terms of quality and style. Evoking a sense of refined elegance, it possesses the versatility to enhance a wide array of interior settings. Whether adorning a contemporary office space or becoming the centerpiece of a lavish residential home, “Olive and All Its Beauty” presents a sophisticated addition that elevates any environment.

Indulge in the mastery of craftsmanship and redefine your interior design aesthetic with “Olive and All Its Beauty,” an embodiment of nature’s splendor coupled with the mastery of human ingenuity. Experience the grace and allure of this stunning Black Walnut slab, where solid wood, live edges, and black onyx epoxy converge to create a visual masterpiece that is destined to captivate all those who behold it.

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*Please note that this does not come with legs. Please contact us for leg options.

Shipping not included in the price, will quote separately based on location. Local installation provided.
Free pickup in-store (Houston).

Dimensions 95 × 42 × 2.25 in


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