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The passion for awesome woodgrain Conference Tables, Coffee Tables, End Tables

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Our story

We love what we do because we’re able to work with the natural beauty of a live tree to create artistic beauty that people can enjoy in their own homes. While we have some items in stock, we welcome the collaborative input of our customers as we create together what they hope to take to their own home or office. As craftsmen and artists, we love working with wood - the feel, look, and smell of it - and our hope is that each unique table we create will be a masterpiece its owner will love as much as we do!

Each Table is Custom Built
Select from existing designs or imagine your own dream


Polished or rough. Colorful grain or stained to perfection. Acrylic finishes or waterproofed and sealed.

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Simple process

Select the wood, imagine the look, plan the finished design with us...
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Iconic Look

You can have the custom look table, desk, or other furniture made from scratch.